Were-Dobie by FluffRig



29 August 2015 at 00:48:24 MDT

I'm so glad to have finally finished this!

If you have any common knowledge about me, it's that I love animals.
I mean, that's a given, look at my gallery.
Now, what I ALSO love is supernatural creatures. >:)
And, which one in particular?
The werewolf.
More realistically, I like the idea of were... uh... animals in particular.
I mean, they're frickin' awesome.
Me, being a sadist and all, I love seeing said character in pain while transforming.
Now that makes sense why I love werecreatures...

My current (and favorite!) victim of this torture this time around is lil' sweet Di Bear.
If I recall from my personal story-writing RP correctly, Di gets bitten by a were-something-or-other (and in their universe (where basically anything can happen) you just turn into a were-version of... whatever the hell you are) while walking home one day at night. Well, after she gets in a nasty fight with him, of course! Because I'm cruel, but nice, I allow her to live... >.>
...I mean...
Ahem, he... uh... "decides she's worthy of keeping alive".
Yeah, let's go with that. <.<
She's definitely severely injured after it happens, though.
But, she put up a good fight!
I have to give her that...
And, uhh... how did the rest go?
Oh, right!
So, she crawls back to her lair study, defeated, humiliated, and half-dead (GOING GHOST! (ha, no)), but being Di, she won't admit it, and Ben happens to come by a bit later, because he's a stalker I mean, he cares about her, yes. >.>

He obviously worries about her, since she looks like she's been hit by a truck. And, then mauled by a wolf.
She insists she's fine and he eventually lets the discussion go and stays with her in case the worst happens.
The next night, it's obviously still the week of the full moon and you know what that means. =3
Di and Ben get into an argument later that day and the moon comes out.

Di tries and fails to warn Ben to get out before it's too late, but he's too busy being an idiot angry to care and believes she's only trying to get an easy out of the argument (since it's about her being more careful at night or something, I dunno) and well, he's cornered in a room with her.
So, as she slowly and painfully changes into... well, a Were-Doberman, Ben watches in horror.
And, I love every minute of it. =) eats popcorn that evil music from SpongeBob and Free Willy plays

After she finishes (that's what she said someone smacks me), she roars triumphantly and looks towards Ben. He's easy prey right now, kill him, kill him, KILL HIM!!!! ...
I'm not apologizing.

He looks at her with fear in his eyes, she goes over to him, she looks like she's about to rip him to shreds, yes, Yes, YES!!!! YES!!!!!!!! Good grief, I'm bloodthirsty this Night Morning.
Disappointingly, she recognizes Ben and spares him (damnit...), and when he passes out from all that's going on right now, she revives him (because she's a Medic).
EVEN AFTER DOING THIS, he's still terrified of her (to be honest, I would scared of anyone I like/are in a relationship with who turns into a were-whatever for like 5 seconds, and then hug them tightly before they inevitably maul me) and she's extremely disheartened by this and leaves him alone.
He feels bad, because well, it's not like he made her feel like a monster or anything... \ouo/

Anyway, long story short, he tells her he'll accept her no matter what (kinda late for that (nah, nothing wrong with him being a bit startled. I would, too. Albeit, for a shorter time)), she takes a minute to feel comfortable around him and they get along fine.

Also, Di's REALLY puppy-like like this. And, she gains a bunch of points for that. =3

...is it bad I have a great need of her as a plushie?