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Warning - Gravity by FluffKevlar

Warning - Gravity


20 March 2017 at 15:46:07 MDT

February's Patreon pinup, the new anthroid shortstack of mine, Warning!

She rose on the roster pretty damn fast. I did a number of prelim concept sketches before settling on this one, and altered her colours a little in the process(minor). Overall I'm still proud of this image and her design in general. She's the "Translator and Alert Unit" primary avatar for Kaltag. She issues ship-wide and personal alerts aboard the flagship and HQ, with a slightly unique personality core.

You can find HD images and alts of her in the ZIP file pack on my E-Junkie store below, if you're not a patron. I'll upload one or two other versions here in the next few days. Huge thanks to my patreons who picked and supported it, and those who can support my work otherwise! It really means a ton and I'm still incredibly grateful.

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    Ehehehehe she's such a little lovely! If only she could get a sidegrade for a night... xp

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    Ah Gravity, my natural enemy and great companion X3

    Look at those adorable tiny paw feet >3<

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    Something wrong with the gravity? Hmm, not from where I'm standing~!

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    loving the color scheme.

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    drifts by lazily What are thoooooooooooossseeeeee?!!?!?!

    ...Oh, they're just really tiny feet.

    Out of curiosity why are they so small? Isn't it a little out of proportion? Just wondering.