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☆---- Artist's basics ----☆
| 22 | Female|Married to MapleLeafy ♥ | Canada | Fursuiter | Artist |

Hello! I live in the great cold north that is Canada. I am a furry artist and have been continuously improving on my art skills since about 2008 Where I learned how to create art digitally. I draw both SFW and NSFW Anthro and Feral art. I have been apart of the fandom officially since 2010.

☆---- Contact information ----☆

Furaffinity: Fluffaboo

☆---- Commissions are open ----☆
Commission prices
Terms Of service

☆---- Convention list ----☆

Past con's : VancouFUR 2016, Fur-Eh! 2016, VancouFUR 2017

Future con's: Fur-eh 2018

☆---- Character References ----☆
Pheonix Wolf :

Fizz Wolf-Dragon: (new one being made)

Saelem Pancan :

Coffeebean Dutch Angel Dragon: (New one being made)

Latte Fennec Fox : Reference being made (Character co-owned by my me and MapleLeafy )

☆---- Fursuits ----☆

Fizz: fursuit made by CantOfTogs Arm Sleeves and updated handpaws made by @Sewingstuffs

Latte: Fursuit Head made my @DontHugCacti Other parts TBD(Possibly to be made by me???)
Latte (character and suit ) is co-owned by me and MapleLeafy

Pheonix To be made 2018