Concept: Flint Panther 1 by Flipside

Concept: Flint Panther 1


25 May 2016 at 18:14:55 MDT

copy/paste from tumblr:

Okay so for Ashes’s boink buddy here is the first draft!

I had a list of animals I kept flipping through and googling. Bulls, Alpacas, Mules, Big cats, but giant guys compared to Ashes average height. The only one of that group that tickled my fancy was the bull but I don’t know how well I could pull that off. So I might try that one next if Flint here doesn’t stick.

In the end I opted for a Panther. It’s much closer to my comfort zone (which is nearly nonexistent now that I’m so out of practice drawing furry/humanoid). However I am TERRIBLE at drawing big cat anatomy/faces especially. So that’s what I tried to spend a lot of time on here just getting use to his head and neck. I do want him to literally be a beef cake. Not a roid-rider but just a big guy who also happens to exercise rigorously. His main jobs consist of being a Bouncer for several different clubs - perfect enabler for Ashes and her bad habits.

For his spots I referenced Jaguars - so when the bright daylight hits his dark fur it shimmers a lighter shade of browns showing off those hidden spots. Normally you’d never see them since most people only ever interact with Flint at night outside or in dark clubs. So he looks like a hulking shadow.

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