DT: pinstripedtiger by Flipside

DT: pinstripedtiger


25 May 2016 at 17:51:04 MDT

Design trade with   pinstripedtiger @ FA

Copy and Paste from DA below:

They requested I look at their characters and favorites and make something that reminds me of them.

So I spent quite a bit of time mulling it over. I wasn’t quite sure. I knew I wanted to do something round and pudgy cause my favorite thing about their art style is how they draw squish, roundness, and fat. It’s amazing and really showed me I don’t have a clue what I’m doing with it - clearly something I need to work on better.

I went over lots of ideas but they all seem over-done or already in their toyhouse. Lots of scrapping. Then it hit me…. What could be more fantastic than a great Minotaur! Now I really did mean to do ferals only - buuuut this concept was just too good to resist. After looking over their preferred colors I came to the conclusion. They love browns and natural color schemes, but they also have a guilty pleasure of pastel colors and rainbows of sorts. That’s when the idea hit me. African wild dog markings with what starts off as normal coloration then BOOOM a wash over colors over this great bull!

To help me place colors I needed to also draw a feral bull to help make sure I knew how I wanted it to look.

Whole time I made sure to listen to Of Monsters and Men to give me a deep fantasy like feel for this guy. I’m so happy I got to make him, I’m very proud of this design. Clothes could def use some work, but I have no doubt pinstripedtiger will do them WONDERS.

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    Gorgeous design

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      Thank you so much, I still love it to bits!