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I am a freelance illustrator, streamer, an aspiring programmer, voice actor, and musician.

I just recently joined here! Feel free to say hi and start up a conversation with me.



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Hey, I'm new here!

on 20 February 2018 at 17:19:23 MST

I just joined this site a few hours ago since I'm trying to move on from deviantART, which was a site that I had been on since 2010 (and a few years prior to that, just without an account...). I anticipate the transition to be fairly easy, considering I've heard from a lot of people that this site is similar and I've seen a lot of people make the transition.
I absolutely love how intuitive and well-designed this site is so far, and I'm looking forward to meeting new people and uploading new art!
Feel free to strike up a conversation with me; I'd like to get to know you all!

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Headshot with shading
$ 15.00


shading, complex bg
$ 35.00


Has shading, but no bg,
$ 10.00


50x50 headshot
$ 5.00


Name, info, sides, headshot
$ 25.00


-Base prices are subject to change when considering the complexity and difficulty of individual pieces

-A clear visual reference MUST be provided if the commissioner would like artwork of their own personal/original character. If the piece is very general (i.e. not of a personal character), then a written description will suffice.

-If the commissioner would like to cancel their commission during the sketch stage, they will be refunded 50% of what they paid.

-If the commissioner would like to cancel their commission during the coloring stage+, they will not be issued a refund.

-The artist reserves the right to issue a refund as a result of misbehavior, poor communication/inability to communicate.

-The client will receive visual/worded updates on their commission if requested or if necessary.

-The artist reserves the right to display any commissioned work in any personal gallery, website, or journal.

-The artist has every right to the commissioned work (i.e. the right to create prints)

-The client has all rights to their respective characters, though they have limited rights to the commissioned image

-The client may NOT profit from a commissioned piece

-The client may NOT alter a commissioned piece

-Please do not rush the artist; it is fine to ask about the progress of your commission however not to the point where it is incessant.

-What I will draw: Any animal (except humans), anthropomorphic creatures, gore, SFW affection

-What I won't draw: Fanart, humans, extremely sexual themes

-The client must read, understand, and agree to all of the previously mentioned terms before confirming a commission. By sending payment, they agree to the above terms.


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    owo thanks for the fave!~

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    Hey! Welcome to the site! I just recently return from a long absence, myself haha
    Thank you for the favorite as well! :) Hope you like it here!