Sky walking by FlashW

Sky walking


19 December 2017 at 09:54:16 MST

Personal artwork to relax a bit, ~

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    Adorable! I love foxes. :)

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    I'm glad I'm alive to see and comment on this after what happened to me. I'm glad to be out of the hospital. I'm glad to see things that make me happy.

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      oh, what happened?

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        Well, like mentioned in my journals, I've faced cyber-bullying at multiple furry websites and face an abusive controlling stepfather at home... coupled with my poor health, low self esteem, depression, and intense stress, when I sought help in the furry fandom and faced only people attacking me and encouraging me to commit suicide, I followed through with such, but a single furry dialed 911 having seen my journal. I woke up in a hospital. I would be dead without Teskine doing such, though I suppose it was a stroke of luck, staff at multiple furry websites have viewed my journals, and my comments and actions, things that threaten the reputation of their website and the furry fandom, and they acted to punish me with suspension and taking down comments and my journals. If staff took down the journal sooner, I'd be dead a week ago.

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          Oh, I don't know what to say... but I understand your depression. Also all this problems, I know those feels too. Take care about yourself, I hope you have friends, and great, that one person called 911! Care of your life.

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            Teskine is a great person. I'll try to take care of my life better.