Grace - Introduction by Flareon13

Grace - Introduction


24 January 2017 at 16:18:40 MST

I'm just gonna copy-paste my description for this from elsewhere, since I don't feel like redoing all of this description stuff here, lol :B

I’ve been wanting to draw some form of ‘introduction’ picture for a bunch of the newer characters I’ve been sketching concepts of lately, and decided a good place to start would be with this girl here, Grace! In terms of settings, she’s part of the same one that basketgardevoir basketgardevoir‘s starter trio are in, but with Grace and the rest of her team, I’m planning to focus more on the actual fighting side of that world, along with Contests and other such endeavors Pokemon may participate in. As a result, there won’t be much of the starter trio showing up, beyond maybe a reference here or a cameo there, lol.

But yeah, she’s the leader of a team of Eeveelutions, whom have a human trainer of their own, Owen. Grace has wanted to make a team for a long time, but wanted a human trainer as part of the team, which isn’t NECESSARY for teams to have, but Grace wants the whole experience of the various leagues, tournaments, contests, and such that Pokemon can be a part of, and feels a human trainer is necessary to get that. As a result, a lot of her friends with whom she wanted to make a team wound up drifting apart and going off to do their own stuff, leaving Grace with her Espeon friend Claire (who thinks of herself as ‘a nature lover who loves nature from afar’) and her Flareon friend Rom (who is not the brightest bulb but Grace believes he’d probably wind up dead somehow if left to fend for himself). Grace eventually runs into Owen during a particularly harrowing encounter with an opponent after a match, and is saved by him, and so she repays him by making him her trainer (she has a weird sense of what makes an actual reward).

As you can probably see, Grace is using something you don’t usually see a Glaceon use, something fire-based. She became a rather talented user of Hidden Power Fire during a bit of rivalry with one of her friends back in the day, and now uses it to give Steel-types a rather nasty surprise when they fight her (it’s actually why an opponent tried to attack her after a match, claiming she was being ‘unfair’ having such control with the attack and not being upfront about it). This is why she has the battle title “The Frozen Flame”!

I tried doing a bit of shading/highlighting tricks with this, as well as trying to find a good way to color eyes. It all came out… okay, I guess. It could be better, I feel, but it looks pretty nice still, IMO.

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