Nurse Eevee used Thundershock! by Flareon13

Nurse Eevee used Thundershock!


21 March 2016 at 20:55:31 MDT

Over the course of the past few months, I’ve been drawing tons of stuff, such as, but not limited to: refsheets of my characters, concept ideas for new characters, more Nyoro-edits, cosplay stuff with various characters belonging to me and my friends, and, as we see here, characters belonging to my friends that we haven’t seen from ‘em in a long time that I feel should be brought back into the spotlight by artists in general, not just myself :Vc

This one is a character belonging to my friend basketgardevoir basketgardevoir, who we haven’t really seen in a while, an Eevee nurse we have really just been calling the very-descriptive name of Nurse Eevee. She was basically a running gag we had back in the day that went from just an Eevee nurse because Eevee girl + nurse outfit = instant hotness, to her being a bit unhinged and fond of performing experiments of a lewd nature on others. Her weapon of choice became a tazer, so I figured if I was gonna draw her, I’d have to include it in some way, and if her power with one tazer is 100%, then it’d be 200% with two of ‘em! … Right?

I will draw more of my friends’ woefully under-utilized OCs (although maybe not with this level of coloring, I was mostly testing single-layer-coloring/shading/highlighting tricks with this one), because they certainly have a lot of ‘em, like BG’s Sonnetta, Claff and his Pokemon Trainer Bedlam (shut up Claff, you can’t stop me from drawing her >:V), Maaiwile and her Rebecca (she may not have a set color scheme yet but I’ll think of something), and Zoro and his… uh… hmm…

Anyways, enjoy the dangerously attractive and attractively dangerous Nurse Eevee! Just remember that if she asks you if something smells like chloroform, don't offer to smell it.

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