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Here are my Terms of Service, If I have something unlisted, and you have a question about it, please feel free to message me privately via note.

First and foremost, thank you for choosing me to provide you a service, whether art, plush, garment, etc. I am happy to work with you and give your commission the best finished product, within my abilities. I will respond to note, e-mail, pm, etc., as quickly as possible and do my best to answer your questions thoroughly and quickly.

Item I: Commissions

If you are acquiring artwork from me, the following is expected.
1. Reference Sheet of Character
2. Payment via PayPal
3. Patience

-As I am one person, and I work a full-time job already, some days are different than others. I cannot dedicate all of my time to art, if I could, I wouldn't have a queue. I will work on your piece as promptly as I can, with as much time and dedication put into it, as I would any piece. I will not rush through a piece, just for the sake of having it done.

-If multiple customers are coming to me, the process of working through the queue will go from the first payment to the last, not in which order the artwork was requested. So say that A, B, and C all want commissions, but B pays first, C second and A third, then that is the order it will go in.

-I will do my best to LiveStream your artwork, but some times it may not happen that way. I will however, send you a link via DropBox to view the image before I go further. This typically happens in the line art stage.

  • I will edit a piece three times. If for some reason the piece still doesn't look as you, the customer wants, then there was a communication breakdown that must be rectified.

Plush work can range from fan-art pieces to something original.
The following methods go into my plush pieces:
*Hand Stitching
*Machine Embroidery
*Hand Painted Eyes
*Machine Stitching [Majority]
*Pattern Creation
*Pattern Editing
*Hand Poly-Fiber Stuffing

A lot of love, time and care goes into my pieces. Each is unique, even if I have an order for the same thing five times over.

What is expected of you, the customer when you place an order:
1. A picture or reference sheet of what you want.
2. Clear idea of how tall/long you want the plush.
3. Understanding of non-concrete deadlines.
4. Payment upfront.
5. Allergy Warning! [I do own a cat and a dog!]

As referred to in part V of my T.O.S. I do have a family member with health concerns at present. If I have to put an item on hold, I will tell you, and I ask that you are patient with me.


If you are ordering a tail, ears, or some article of clothing from me. I require the following from you, the customer.
1. Measurements [I will ask for Specific Ones]
2. Fabric Choice [Links to specific fur are preferred!]
3. Allergy Warning! [I do own a cat and a dog!]
4. Payment Upfront.

  • My garments are one of a kind, and a lot of work goes into them, just like my plush pieces.
  • ALL ears and tail sets are hand sewn with heavy-duty, reinforced stitches.
  • Garments (kigurumis, hoodies, etc) are machine stitched, and small details are hand stitched.
  • Any and all beading is done by hand.

-I offer you my services as an esteemed seamstress, and will do my best to make sure you are happy. I will send you consistent pictures of updates on your garment, barring any emergencies that take my time.
-Shipping is included in the final price of your garment, and work will not be started until payment is received.

Item II: Refunding Work

I can and will refuse to work on a commission. If for some reason there is a communication breakdown, where in, the customer becomes hostile, threatening or acting like a child; I WILL refuse service.
-Plush Work

  • If the product is half completed, half of the paid money will be refunded and the product will be shipped half-finished. -Art Work
  • If the piece is incomplete during the conflict, what is done will be sent to the customer. If it is to a point where clean lines are down, any color will be removed (If flat) and sent as a line-art piece, thus refunding the customer the difference.-Garments, Tails, Ears, ETC.
  • The funds that were used to purchase the fabric, fur, etc., used in this product will be pro-rated, and the unfinished product will be sent to the customer.

Item III: Shipping.

I do charge for shipping, it has been included in the price of the commission from the beginning. If for some reason you order multiple pieces from me, and need to have them sent to different addresses, I will charge you extra for each address. Shipping to multiple addresses eats into my personal funds, so expect to be charged.
If you order multiple pieces from me and wish them all to be shipped at the same time to the same address, then shipping will be added into the commission price accordingly.

Item IV: Artwork
My preferences as to what I will and will not draw are in stone. I will NOT draw something I am not comfortable with, and no amount of persuasion will dissuade me from doing so.

Item V: Family Concerns
Currently I have a family member who is in dire health. If I have to up and leave my home and travel, I have to do that. That means putting orders, pieces, plushies, etc, ON HOLD. I am a living, breathing person. I have a family, and I love them dearly. I am not a sweatshop worker, nor do I have employees who do my work for me. I am a one person business.
If for some reason I have to be gone, I will let it be known, but also know that deadlines are NOT set in stone! Things can change, life DOES happen!
Please do not harass me, slander me, or act like I owe you the moon. That promptly will put you on my ban-list from further contact or purchases.

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Flat Color

Flat Color
from $ 15.00
to $ 30.00
add  Additional Characters
from $ 3.00
to $ 5.00

Full Color

Full Color
from $ 20.00
to $ 50.00
add  Additional Characters
from $ 3.00
to $ 5.00

Inked Sketch

Inked Sketch
from $ 15.00
to $ 30.00
add  Additional Characters
$ 3.00


Mature Pricing
from $ 20.00
to $ 75.00
add  Additional Characters
$ 5.00


Sketch Pricing
from $ 5.00
to $ 10.00
add  Additional Characters
$ 3.00

A little about my work, I am a traditional artist whom is slowly evolving into the digital artist mindset. My work takes longer, but I put as much into my digital work as I do my traditional. I also have a part-time job as a seamstress so I may not have something done *that* day. Please be patient with me. =)

-I will *Not* draw the following fetishes in mature art: scat, watersports, vore and babyfurs.

-I have the right to refuse to do a commission.

-Please PM me if you have questions, know that I will ask a lot of questions myself, because I want to get your commission as perfect as possible! <3


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