Sylvanian Families - Mother & Baby Bear by Flappy

Sylvanian Families - Mother & Baby Bear


31 January 2014 at 14:04:03 MST

Characters from the Sylvanian Families toyline

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    I really love these toys, I really want to buy some but I never do, I'm almost afraid of getting too sucked in and spending too much!

    I'm surprised these don't have any faves or comments, they're really good. I actually found your page while looking up refs of Maple Town to do my own art of my characters in this and other styles.

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      Thanks! I'd like to take another crack at this style someday, even if it's not very popular in the anthropomorphic animal art community! XD

      The toys are great, and having spanned decades by this point the toyline is huge! You should easily be able to find something that particulary appeals to you! :D

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        I don't know why it isn't, it's so cute!

        And I've seen so many of the toys, I may have had some when I was younger.. I'm just worried Ill want and buy too many!

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          Maybe people find it too cutesy and like something that is for younger children. The style is a bit minimalistic (in a similar vein to Sanrio characters), although in the Maple Town anime the characters are drawn pretty detailed and very expressive. But the mainstream furry style seems to be more like old school Disney movies with a hint of anime.

          I guess you'll have to find some way to limit yourself if you decide to get into the toys. X)

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            Hmm, I guess I can see that, but they also love Animal Crossing and similar stuff.

            I will have to! Maybe I can just get the bears, or maybe cats... I'm surprised no black bears though! Just brown and pandas, haha