"Big Cook Book" Feasts [+color] (by SaintDraconis) by flamecoil

"Big Cook Book" Feasts [+color] (by SaintDraconis)


7 December 2017 at 14:08:59 MST

Colored version of this.

After a few weeks of taking a certain cookbook from the library, Charkol made the commitment to actually buy the book outright instead of renewing his lease on it. The meals inside were easy to prepare, most recipies sated his tastebuds, and his gut was kept nice and stuffed. Gradually, the charizard became more and more adventurous with his portion sizes, cooking for a little more than one at first before stepping into the realm of cooking for small families.

As is customary with the holidays, Charkol too prepared a feast to enjoy for himself -- heavy pots and pans filled with soups, meats, starches and more all prepared for him to scarf down over the course of a few days. Unsurprisingly, it left his gut bloated beyond the level of maintaining reasonable mobility, but to him it didn't matter much since he didn't have any obligations over the holiday break!

Character & Color:
flamecoil - Charkol(Anthro)

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