I am an artist trying to sell my artwork.

REQUESTS: I don't do requests for the simple fact I have no time for the "art for fun" thing right now :(

TRADES: I only do trades with people I know I can trust to do their part... sorry

COLLABORATIONS: I can't guarantee anything due to the afore mention lack of time but note me and we'll see!

COMMISSIONS: LIMITED - this means that I will only take very few commissions, depending on my free time.

You can always ask if I'm available for what you have in mind.

I won't be streaming anytime soon due to technical difficulties but here's my stream for future reference:

If you like the design on my banner... have a look in my store!


Flama Ykoriana

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My Patreon has a fun goal!

on 11 October 2014 at 16:02:19 MDT

Hi guys! If you like my art you might consider supporting me on Patreon. My first goal is to create an advent calendar with 25 speed paints in which the characters of everyone who contributes will be featured! Go check it out and help me spread the word. :)

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Depends on complexity
from $ 10.00
to $ 100.00

Full body

Realistic, detailed, 1 color background
$ 70.00


Realistic, detailed, 1 color background
$ 25.00

Waist up

Realistic, detailed, 1 color background
$ 50.00