PANGEA - Siketh by Flam

PANGEA - Siketh


19 June 2015 at 10:57:04 MDT

One of the creatures I created for a college project called Pangea. This drawing is one of the concept art I did for that project. I will post a new one every day for the next week :3

About the species:

Descendants from the Tylacoleo, these bipedal creatures with feline look are actually marsupials adapted to live in the tundra. They're carnivorous, territorial, and don't have a well structured society like most sapient species. Their behavior don't help them very well, which is why they're almost extinct. Some individuals who didn't agree with the Siketh way of living left the group after finding another creature, who they devoted for it's intelligence, and decided to live among them. These, then, formed another society and became another race, the Leonin. Many Siketh have a grudge against those who left, hating the Leonin for living with another species, thinking they willingly became slaves or servants, but despite that, the Leonin warmly welcome any Siketh who decide to live among them.

This is a free species!
Feel free to create a character, fanart or whatever you want. Just please name the species and the author when you do it. Thanks! <3

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