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DA account will be deleted on 20th november 2022 by Fizzy4T

DA account will be deleted on 20th november 2022


I am closing all my DA accounts due to the rediculous support for AI generated art, I am absolutley not supporting that. I will be closing the accounts by the 20th of november 2022 to give time for people to download their past comissions or their favorite art pieces etc. 

Accounts closing: 

Vanity Vivo: 

Where to find me via other means: 

Axial: (inactive) 

Fizzy4T: (inactive) 

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    I’m so glad you’re going to protect you and your art this way—that site no longer sounds safe in any way. I read Uluri’s journal and it sounds so underhanded and like they’re legitimizing art theft. :(

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      It really isnt, they are doign some seriously dirty shit and i want no part of a tyrannical soulless company that steals what you create to use for its own gain

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        I hope a lot more people make the decision to leave--I think the only way DA will learn any sort of lesson from this is if they are left with a bare skeleton of users. A mass, MASS exodus has to come of this. None of what I hear from others makes what they're doing sound any sort of respectful and probably is barely even legal--I'm sure we'll hear of lawsuits in the future because of what they're doing. :/

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          Oh people were leaving. There was so many people mass deleting their art that the site crashed a few times yesterday. DA even began preventing a software that helped aid the mass deletion halfway through. It's a huge mess and I'm personally glad I left when I did since I do NOT have the time right now to be dealing with it first hand...but watching it all fall apart like this is depressing as hell.

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            I warned a friend/pen-pal of mine who only uploads once in a blue moon and she was frustrated at not being able to mass delete. It took her several hours to delete her whole gallery. I’m glad I’m not there, myself—though I’ve heard from friends that art thieves have stolen my characters and posts them there (like that’s a surprise……).

            I honestly wonder what genius on their board/administration ever thought that this stuff was a good idea? And to make it difficult for people to deny permissions is underhanded and harmful to artists. Don’t know what their end goal is on that site, but I hope they get some hurt over the mass exodus and learn some small lesson. But they probably won’t. :/