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Kylie Before - After ~ Weight Gain Sequence (Censored) by Fixala Volta

Kylie Before - After ~ Weight Gain Sequence (Censored)

Fixala Volta

30 April 2019 at 21:44:35 MDT

Poor Kylie...

This is how Kylie lookliked 6 years ago in her last year of highschool wearing her way too small school uniform. As you can see, she looked really hot with her nice big curves and her pretty face! She was pretty populair with the guys of the school as you can imagine! This was right before Victoria (her older sister) decided to fatten her up as well just like her younger sister Kelly.

Right now, this is what's left of Kylie after being fattened up by Victoria for over 6 years... All of her beauty has been destroyed by the fat and is gone forever. It has all been replaced by loads and loads of fat, cellulite, zits, stretchmarks, sweat and grease...

At the moment Victoria has ordered already the second truck full of days old unsold junkfood from all around town. She's gonna feed that to Kylie again. It's Victoria's favourite hobby to stuff her 2 younger sisters with all kinds of junkfood and lard and watch them grow bigger, heavier and uglier each time.

I am gonna do another one of these with the youngest sister Kelly next time! She is a whole lot bigger than Kylie at the moment, so stay tuned next month!

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Kylie (C) Fixala Volta