Georgette In The Center Of Attention by Fixala Volta

Georgette In The Center Of Attention

Fixala Volta

30 April 2019 at 20:57:09 MDT

After a basketball match between Vellacity High and another highschool from another town, the cheerleaders of both schools always do their usual performance during and after the match. When the game was finished and the cheerleaders were done with their last performance, Georgette asked Magna if there was a way she could be carried away from the field because she always has to carry other girls in their cheerleading squad, because she's too heavy for the other girls to lift. Magna found it a fair idea and agreed, but she needed a strong guy like one of the basketball players. She asked one of their own team's player named Jack to help lift Georgette up. Jack was in the same class as Magna so they already knew eachother. Jack always had a fetish for chubby and thick girls, so he agreed immediately and lifted Georgette together with Magna onto their shoulders. Because of the immense size of Georgette's ass, both of their faces were being squished against her very soft ass and thighfat. Jack didn't matter though. The only thing he forgot was the weight of such a big soft ass! And of course Magna is teasing him about that! Georgette couldn't hear them as she was yelling what she wanted to do next in a cheerleading manner! ;3

Magna, Georgette and Jack (C) Fixala Volta