Pre-orders for FC badges by FishyBoner

Pre-orders for FC badges


29 December 2013 at 10:43:56 MST

Laser etched UV reactive acrylic badges while a range of emotions for my hyena character, Graffix.


These are "pre-orders" for pick up at Further Confusion in January, and cost $25 for the initial art, and one badge. Shipping inside the US is an extra 5$(outside is a little more). I can also make extra copies, $5 dollars a tag. We can also replace it if you lose it or would like more, a different color, etc.

The attached files is an example of ideas, you can really have the badge say whatever if you don't want something latin-ish, along with color options. The colors in the photo are kind of off, because it is difficult to photograph UV reactive things. The line art will be unique to only your badge, and will never be mass-produced or resold. You will also be sent a high-res file of the lineart, that you may use for anything non-profit. (Reposting and/or coloring)


Click here for the order form!

Any questions feel free to ask here, or note me.

If you are not picking your badge up at FC, they will be etched in one go, but I might not get them in the mail until the week after the con.

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    This is wicked cool. I love the idea and love your line-art style here!