"I Wish It Could Snow..." by Fishlover (critique requested)

"I Wish It Could Snow..." (critique requested)


2 November 2014 at 21:15:05 MST

423 complaining about the rain. (She can get a little 'homesick' (as in missing Earth)) It was raining here too yesterday. In Psybemu there's no such thing as snow (cause the planet is close to the sun, so they're stuck in 'summer'), so 321 doesn't know what she's talking about. I find it cute that one of their daughters is hanging off of 321's 'coat tail'. 9000 wants to be picked up <3

Original idea was to draw them standing outside their balcony from their home, but I decided to draw them outside instead so 423 has more of a reason to be miserable at the horrible weather.

I went ALL OUT on this. I drew this at the Yogurt shop I go to every Wednesday, I think I freaked out the owner of the shop when I had to cradle my 3DS in my arms to get a good idea on how 321 was going to hold his sleeping daughter. I spent 2 days working on this XD Worked until the late hours of the night trying to add the color and lineart too. I did vector style shading which I'm starting to love (I was debating if I should use vector style shading for this, I'm still experimenting with it), and add detail to this.

I can say I'm quite proud of this :3 Please critique? <3

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