Quiet Efbinlonian Evening by Firey-Flamy

Quiet Efbinlonian Evening


17 July 2018 at 07:18:54 MDT

TheCau has finally finished this old piece I commissioned from her back in 2013! Thank you so much! <3

So, here we see Fai in an exoskeleton and her loyal bodyguard Ultima hanging out together at the outskirts of one of the cities on Efbinlonia, the vigorien trade hub planet.

Flora and fauna here are generally of blue and purple colours, heavily modified by the vigoriens. The sky is mint green. The planet also has two moons.

Fai has spent most of her teenage years living on this planet and helping a vigorien called Nox in his lab there.

Invader Zim and irkens © Jhonen Vasquez, Nickelodeon
The drawing idea/concepts, Fai, Ultima, and vigoriens by Firey-Flamy
Artwork by TheCau
(I got her permission to upload it here)