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RikkiTikki TaviCat Collaboration Gift by Firey-Flamy

RikkiTikki TaviCat Collaboration Gift


A personal gift my friend Zim and I have drawn specially for Rikki Simons, the voice of Gir, and his wife Tavisha (Tavicat). ^____^
The thing is, at the beginning of April Rikki visited Moscow, as he came here for the ComMissia comic festival. I went to Moscow as a volunteer in order to help him, and got the chance to give him the print of this very artwork in person :heart:

Zim and I decided to gladden Rikki and Tavisha by drawing them together with the characters from their comics and manga. The idea, IZ-like stylization of the characters, the sketch and the lines belong to Zim, whereas I did colouring and shading. Honestly, I'm not used to colouring pics that way, so I died several times while doing it, but, I hope, it all was worth it and the result looks rather nice :"D

Also, go visit Rikki and Tavi's website and check their comics out! -->

All the presented characters © Rikki Simons & Tavisha Wolfgarth-Simons (Tavicat)
The idea, IZ-like stylization, sketch, lineart by Zim
Colouring and shading by Firey-Flamy