Zim and His Smeets by Firey-Flamy

Zim and His Smeets


22 April 2018 at 14:21:58 MDT

My friends are running a Russian Invader Zim Ask on VK.com, and I’m replying there as ZIM. I credted this pic as an answer to a general question.

Despite being a jerk, Zim does love his lil' cute children. <3

The smeets are Siegfriend (Zig/Zik for short; has dark ruby eyes), Victoria (Vik/Vika for short; has pink eyes) and Nicolette (Nik/Nika for short; has blue eyes). The all are dressed into vigoriens' smeet suits.

Invader Zim and irkens © Jhonen Vasquez, Nickelodeon
Artwork, vigoriens, virkens, Zik, Nika and Vika by Firey-Flamy