Self Reflection by Fireseeker A47

Self Reflection

Fireseeker A47

8 March 2016 at 19:02:07 MST

This was kind of a personal vent I had when I drew this image. I had realized that in a way both Fireseeker and I are kind of like Yugi and Yami from Yugioh. Why? Well, to be honest I thought of Fireseeker as like a ''other me'' like how Yami is to Yugi. She has a strong heart and is willing to protect the people she loves the most. She is also confident and can take most problems head on (though she can doubt herself a few times). I've also found this reflection when I found this quote said by Yugi in the manga:
'' I can't stay this way (referring how he is helped by both his friends and his otherself, even if it causes them harm). The way I am, I can't protect you. Someday I'm going to be stronger, strong enough not yo lose to the other me!''

That quote related to me because in a way a lot of people help me in my life. Not that I'm not grateful for them someone But it's just... I want to be like that too: someone that can help another, protect them from the people that hurt them. I know someday that I too can be stronger, and protect those that I love, just like they protect me.

Art and Fireseeker belong to me
Yugi and Yami belong to Kazuki Takashi

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