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Stability by Firehazard



So the Round Stable has a shipping thread now that started as a joke (as usual) and got way out of hand and kind of went full circle. Cuteosphere was like

i ship trixie with a garbage can because thats where the worst horse belongs

and something compelled me to make it happen. I enjoyed drawing this way too much. Writing drunken dialog is fun; I just have to ramble on until I say something ridiculous and trim out the boring bits. I ended up giving her this huge long spiel that I really liked but I had to cut way down. I might have to make it into a short comic. "Jusdged" is an actual typo that I decided to keep because it sounded more natural than any of my actual attempts at making her speech sound slurred, which all got purged.

And there you have it. For my first finished piece of pony fan art, I drew Sethisto's favorite character drunk and homeless in a back alley mackin' on a trash can, based on an idea by Cuteosphere. No doubt this will do wonders to endear me to the pony fandom!

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    Cuteosphere hanging around a brony thread? I thought she had massive problems with the fandom

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      So does most of the Round Stable. It's just about the only pony forum that doesn't tolerate stupid and creepy people.

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        Generalization is not something to do though. Taking ponies and using them as her mouth piece to spread hate is also a very poor move as well as trying to make money. She was able to tick off a good amount of people on tumblr.