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~ This is Mine ~ by firefly8083

~ This is Mine ~


This was the picture that I did for the announcement of collaring my pet Akela <3 She is a wonderful girl that I have fallen in love with and will cherish always <3 I am so proud to be able to call my lovely Tigress mine <3

what I wrote for her on my Submission of this pic to Furaffinity...
"My friend Akela has been in my life for a long while now. Over the years we have grown very close, and I grew to love her so much... in every which way and form. She has been nothing but loving and supportive to me from the very first day. We have shared so much with each other, comforted one another through heartaches, and helped to guide one another when we felt lost. She has picked up the shattered pieces of my heart too many times to count, and I couldn't be more proud to announce that I have taken her as my pet. I want to care for her and protect her as she has for me.

Akela, I love you sweetheart, and I look forward to our lives forever being linked together ♥ you make me so happy, and I couldn't be more excited to be named your Mistress ♥ "

Akela (c) to Akela
Mitsy and art (c) to me

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