.: Sippin' On Sunshine :. by Finlay

.: Sippin' On Sunshine :.


28 December 2013 at 07:41:40 MST

Random title is random :)

So, this is my part of out Trade with the awesome Ryukurei :D

Just, that I am late (like always). I am really sorry about this, but I hope you still like it! It was a lot of fun to draw and to trade with you, always again <3 (But only in case you would want to too <3)

I have wanted to draw Cináed since forever! (I even have proof: http://comments.deviantart.com/1/114011331/991808336 ).. okay, does 2009 count as forever? XD However, now I finally had the change to!

I also decided that I would outline the background (not sure if Inghelene had something to do with this idea..) and this.. was maybe a bad idea xD But only maybe, since I love the outcome ^^ but I guess I used half the time for outlining, flat colouring and shading the grass, even though shading took the less time, haha xD

But I am proud of this drawing, yes!

I also think I might should change my commission prices, just for fun, and make them so that they are more fitting to the hours I spend, just because I like changing my prices, even though people are usually not interested, haha >D

However, I used 13 hours on this (approximately ^^).

And the butterfly is a "Kleiner Fuchs" in german, my favourite butterfly ever <3 (Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Small\_Tortoiseshell )- appearently he is called "Small Tortoiseshell" in english :)

Yes... In the end I also would like to thank you all the people which came by my livestream when I streamed! These would be (in order of appearance: Sanifa , Inghelene , Venomeye and Metie (all from dA!) <3 Thank you people!

I streamed nearly the whole picture, but not the last few hours ^^

Hope you had fun!

Aaaand people, you also have to take a look at Ryukurei's breathtaking part of my Kyral. Look at those details!


Character (c) Ryukurei @ dA

Art (c) finlay me :)

You're not allowed to use this artwork in any way without my written permission!!

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