Carmelita and Sly Pony by Findley-foxx

Carmelita and Sly Pony


2 August 2019 at 01:55:28 MDT

Phew, it's been pretty much an entire year since I posted something! Wow, time really does fly, does it? But nevertheless, here I am again, with a full colored art piece I've been working on ever since I've found some free time in the mix of things. ^^'

Here I have a piece for GamePonySly, with his character Sly being arm hugged by one of his gaming crushes, Carmelita Fox, and he seems very happy about it!

Art by me, FindleyFoxx FindleyFoxx
Character (Carmelita) by Sucker Punch Productions, Sanzaru Games, and Sony Computer Entertainment
Character (Sly) by GamePonySly