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Tired Sketch by Findley-foxx

Tired Sketch


7 May 2017 at 04:16:48 MDT

Here's another sketch I did for this weekend. Unfortunately, I couldn't get this done last week, but I managed to get it done by this one!

Yeah... college can be rough.... these few weeks have been for me, at least. x3
Ya'know? Those weeks were you get little to no sleep, or have at most around 4-6 hours of sleep every night? Yeah... been having some of those nights... so I decided to draw about that! >w<

Here, Findley has been sitting around for hours of the night staring at a computer screen, working on college assignments. Oh, how I remember it so well... maybe because it happened just this week, too. >w<
But alas, lets keep pressing on and moving forward! ^w^