Hello? Yes, this is styles. by Finchy

Hello? Yes, this is styles.


2 May 2013 at 15:00:31 MDT

I've been needing to do this for a long time. I don't think people realize that I do have a wide range of 'styles' I enjoy doing, even though some of them don't truly look too different, they really are. And sometimes each style comes out differently when I'm in a certain mood, or am working with a certain character.

My chibis or sometimes I call them 'Cubby' or 'Munchkin' are very neglected. They are fun, cute, and easy for me to whip up. I used to draw characters in my chibi style all the time, and it's actually my fiance's favorite of my styles. He loves how little they can look while not being considered babies, but I can easily fit them in a drawing of a childish OR adult situation, and they always fit perfectly.

Soft is something I've been doing recently, and can be apparent in the bronze artist I have going on. Soft can vary between having three or four fingers and one thumb, usually has larger eyes and is drifting farther away from my normal semi-realistic style. This is honestly becoming my main style slowly but surely, but I do still use my 'Normal' style alot more often when just drawing for myself, or for commissions.

Beast is just that. It is a darker, twisted version of my style, and I try to make it very apparent. I use this style most often when I'm doing vent art or am drawing a character that is very well known for their rage. When I use this style the character's hands are usually clawed, and I try to make alot of bony features and make them look villainous and evil.

Normal has been the style I have used for YEARS and quite frankly, I have grown bored of it. I'm trying to drift from it and learn to use other styles and practicing more with other things, and starting to enjoy making more of a toony structure when drawing body types. This style, because I do like to keep it semi-realistic, often is the bad omen to me when I'm working with a challenge. To me, there's little to no 'breathing room' so if I want to take short cuts or try a more stylized structure to draw a character or body type, it won't ever look good in the 'normal' style. I still do this style, but it's no longer my first choice.

Toon is something I've only recently started brushing up on. I am building this style for pokemon comics I will be working on in the near future, and it's just a little baby style. It needs alot more work and practice, but that's where you, potential commissioners, come in.

I am posting this here as a reference to my watchers, fans, commissioners, etc. If you like a certain type of art I post, or want your image to be dark and gloomy and suspenseful, or just sort of disney/light toon-esque...complete toon..or stupid amounts of adorable...you need to direct me to the style you like best. I don't like to try to copy another artist's style, but that doesn't mean that I only have one style either. I would love the opportunity to be commissioned again for a chibi, or for the new 'toon' style i'm trying to work with. So uh....yeah. Styles.

Yes, this is highly inspired by the hello yes this is dog meme.

Fun activity:

Which of these is YOUR personal favorite? Whichever gets the most votes of favorites, I'll start submitting some personal art in that particular style whenever I can to give you more views of it.

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    Oh, the chibis... XD Fond memories.

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      Do you remember 'I shit Rainbows' and 'the text from andy' and 'grrr face' and 'gravity? xD

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        Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes. XD Also, you're forgetting the "Let's put it in Tanuki"