Wishdragon Studios v. 1 by FibS

Wishdragon Studios v. 1


12 August 2016 at 18:24:52 MDT

Settle down, this isn't a real company (yet?) and I expect to revise this design a million times before any such thing ever happens.

So for a while I've been thinking about what I would call my company if I made one - a multimedia company what since I'm always chasing butterflies.

I'm a pretty depressed person and often feel like my dreams will never come to pass, so a lot of my story ideas are themed on characters figuring out what they want out of life, what the point is, and running into a lot of trouble trying to determine their values, secure what they're after, and trying to keep one another going when life is too hard to live.

A lot of the major elements in my world setting revolve around the concept of following dreams and granting wishes (or rather inversions of these concepts). Wishdragons are an entire species who have dedicated their meager magical talents to helping people.

I always intended Rhubarb, the mainest character among the wishdragons, to be a cute and attachable character who worked as a mascot - so why not theme the company right after her?

As an added bonus, using a fairy as the company icon and a childish name like "wishdragon" quickly evokes the fantasy image that all of my stories focus on.

I'm really not sure how the law works on using fictitious names. i.e. whether I can sign my work with Wishdragon Studios before I actually incorporate, and whether doing so would be an obstacle to incorporating with the same name / logo. I'm nowhere close to rich enough to hire the legal services I'll need to answer this and other questions and generally to start & maintain such a company.

(There's definitely too much shit for me to keep track of without dedicated legal counsel.)

Anyway, let me know what you guys think about this logo and stuff!

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