FHL Season 7 GOTW #16 FINAL: Thunder Bay 8, Newfoundland 6 by FHL

FHL Season 7 GOTW #16 FINAL: Thunder Bay 8, Newfoundland 6


1 April 2019 at 19:37:57 MDT

Puffins win second period clash and push on to win.

A quiet start to the game soon became a flurry of 5 goals occurring in a 5-minute period, and as the buzzer sounded, the Puffins found themselves holding onto a slim, 3-2 lead.

The second period seemed to be going the way of the first until Carl York was whistled for holding. The Puffins would kill the penalty, but a miscue at its closing would lead to a second goal by Fiction Sullivan. The Puffins quickly responded as Schwarz Crow would score one of his own, however the Beothuks would force the game into a tie off a goal by Apollo. The tie wouldn’t last long as Paul Shepherd scored his second of the night to retake the lead, which was followed by Wingdog, who scored in the final minute of the second to put the Puffins up by 2 as the buzzer sounded.

Unfortunately, sloppy play at the start of the Third put the Beothuks back in the game, as Fiction Sullivan scored a Powerplay Goal off of a slashing penalty from Bustler, netting Sullivan a Hat Trick. Newfoundland’s Haydenpup would tie the game again with 15 minutes left in the period. The Beothuks looked to hold onto the tie and force and overtime, but the Puffins rebounded with a goal from Carl York to put them back into the lead. Newfoundland attempted to tie the game again, but Thunder Bay’s Wingdog put the nail in the coffin in the final 2 minutes with the game ending on an 8-6 Win on the road, keeping Thunder Bay’s playoff hopes alive.

Player of the Night
Wingdog (2 Goals, 3 Assist, +5)

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