FHL Season 7 GOTW #6: Wanderers 4, Stallions 3 by FHL

FHL Season 7 GOTW #6: Wanderers 4, Stallions 3


28 November 2018 at 04:54:34 MST

Hamlton closes out with an offensive burst to seal the deal.

Lexington would be the first to light the lamp in the first, as Forward Fawks Silvarin would hit net and give the Stallions the opening lead. The Wanderers would quickly respond with and the goal by Silvermane, and teams would stay tied until the mid point. Just after the 10 minute mark, Dashing Foxie would fine the net, and the Stallions would hold the lead into the second 2-1

The second was predominantly quiet as both teams would have their chances but no one would find the net. That quiet would be shattered however at the 18 minute mark, as Wanderers Defencemen Devin Parlett would light the lamp and lead it to be all even going in the third, 2 and piece.

In the third, the Stallions would strike first, off the stick of Matchup Feature Forwards William Swiftfoot, but the Wanderers would answer 6 mins after off the stick of Defencemen Cash Rottie. The store stay tied until 5 minutes to go, as Wanderers Forward Auro would sneak one past Thunderpaws, and the Wanderers would hold the lead to the end, winning 4 to 3.

Game Summary: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mGegAbXA5oPyQslkamVRBImR9_vcnSEs-dPR6QWGSzI/edit#gid=1842498594

Player of the Night:
Devin Parlett (1 Goal, 1 Assist, +2)

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