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Hai! I'm Ferron, a 21 year old male otherkin dragon residing in the southern part of the United States. I enjoy talking with others, and snuggles, so if you wanna get to know me, just give me an add on one of my handles. I don't bite!.. Much. ^.=.^

My hobbies include the typical norm teenage stuff. Yay movies, yay games, but I do have a few things other than that I enjoy greatly! Among them would be creating music. I love composing and making my own twists of popular songs. I also enjoy creating physical things, whether it be on a video game or in real life. Sadly, it is more video game based since I lack funding but hey! It's better than nothing. Other than that, I greatly enjoy nature, and everything that comes with it!

Happily mated to xanth since 05/01/2011 He's my floofy!

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Ellinchir and EllinTechStudios

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Dragon Freebies (possibly)

on 13 March 2013 at 18:57:12 MDT

Pimpin~ she says she wants practice and would like a wide variety to choose from :) check it out! ^.=.^

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Music Commisions!

All Musics
$ 5.00

Well, I'm trying to see if anyone out there wants to give me a try at some music commissions! Though I do make music for the sheer enjoyment I gain out of it, I am in need of some extra monies!

What I can do for you~

Personal Theme Songs

Ever wanted a theme song that defines you or maybe a unique ring tone for your phone? I'm your drake! It can be any duration that you want, so long as it is somewhat reasonable hah. I've developed themes 15 seconds long (shortest) and the longest song I've ever created is... over 9 minutes in duration.

Remixes - What I can remix

Just about anything!

Remixes - Instrumentals & Vocals

I shall only make an instrumental upon request or if I am unable to find the acapella for the song you want remixed. I can remix any genre and turn it into trance. Do keep in mind that the genre change completely alters the way the song sounds (duh!). Just take a listen to my remix of Through The Fire And Flames by Dragonforce.


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    what do you consider your best music piece ( I want to listen to your best ^^)

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    Thanks a lot for following me :D

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    Thank you very much for the watch, I really appreciate it!

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    Thank you for the follow!!<3

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    Thank you for the follow

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    what is meant by "trapped but free"?

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      Because I'm a therian/otherkin, it means that I'm trapped in this human form, but free in the mind; Free to be who I really am