Foreboding Breakfast by Ferret Williams

Foreboding Breakfast

Ferret Williams

7 July 2014 at 02:03:30 MDT

That price has never sounded so scary before yesterday morning. No, I didn't eat both meals, one was for my mom. Personally I don't feel like burritos are a breakfast food. Especially when they put tater tots in them. That's just weird.

So AM I BACK??? Y-no. The main motivation for posting a comic was because I'm likely going to get a little bit of extra traffic to in the next day and the front page is showing a comic from Valentine's Day. Y'see, I entered a picture(the previous submission) into the annual Sandra And Woo And Gaia(that's 2 comics) fan art contest and my submission made it into the top 12, to be posted Tuesday evening(United States Central Standard Time). With such a prominent place on the winners list, I couldn't bear to have it so blatantly obvious that I don't update often. Be sure to check Tuesday night, and... you might have to scroll quite a bit to get to my submission(wink). Hmm, got something in my eye there.
I already have a good idea of what next year's fan art submission will be, and like the last 2 submissions(but not the first), it will likely be 3D, but even more spectacular.

While I'm talking, I might as well also give you an update on my situation:

  • Mom is recovering very well from her stroke. Still can't speak well, but she can take care of herself and walk without the cane.
  • I got a new job! Full-time! Doing what I enjoy! I'm doing website work as well as video editing. Just last week, I had a video project that I decided would be faster and easier if I just built the product in 3D for better angles and lighting. This means that I'm actually finally making money with my 3D skills. Granted, nobody asked for 3D, but trust me, it was easier this way and it looks absolutely realistic.
  • My presentation software, BlendShow, has been worked on as much as this comic as a result of everything else, unfortunately. I still have plans for it to be a Powerpoint replacement, but those plans are going very slowly.

I really want to keep this comic going. I also want BlendShow to reach its full potential. I also need to support both me and my mom. There are so many things to do. Right now, the thing I need to do the most is... sleep. Good night, everybody! See you whenever I put out another comic. Hopefully within a month. Remember that you can watch me here for instant updates.

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