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[CHARMS] One Piece Keychains! by feralynn

[CHARMS] One Piece Keychains!


I figured I'd share these here!
A bunch of One Piece charms I've been working on for the past few weeks. `w'

Most of the designs were taken as preorders and got funded to become reality through tumblr, reddit, and whatnot! I did my best to pick a small assortment of both popular and varied characters and their respective emblems, but as you can see I’ve barely scraped the surface of the massive cast - there’s still a bunch of Strawhats, Supernovas, Warlords etc. to account for! I hoping for these to succeed so that I can make more!

All of the completed designs are available for sale~♪
Not everything from the first batch of preorders is funded or completed yet - but I'm expecting to open another batch of preorders soon!