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FennéCrafts - Husky-Papillon Mix Partial (2017) Sold! by FenneCat

FennéCrafts - Husky-Papillon Mix Partial (2017) Sold!


Starting on Friday, at 2:00pm, sujiewolf and I began a 48 hour fursuit challenge. We completed this lovely partial with 18 minutes to spare, and we're pretty dang proud of ourselves for reaching this goal. ^v^ I love how she turned out. We weren't sure what species we were going for at first, and just kind of let it become its own. She turned out so sweet looking! <3 I'm exhausted now, but honestly I'm just walking on air. I challenged myself to not only work hard, but to work continuously as well. and I managed to pull it off. This is a pretty big thing for me. :)



You can watch us completing her in our 48 Hour Fursuit Challenge video compilation, linked below.

Challenge Video:

sujiewolf (tail & paw work)

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