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Raptor Ava Icon by Fengzhou (critique requested)

Raptor Ava Icon (critique requested)


2 November 2012 at 08:33:37 MDT

Love raptors, Love dragons, so I combined the two and have an alter form for my main persona - Avalore.

This was done entirely in photoshop cs 5.1 extended, wacom touch tablet and about 4-5 hours work.

I'm getting faster, slowly but surely!

I have flagged this submission for critique because I would love to get some tips. I want to paint more in this type of style, it feels more natural for me and any tips and stuff are greatly appreciated and welcome! Just please, keep them polite and don't be rude.

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    Excellent use of textures, colors and highlights! The character design is also well done; delightfully unusual, but you could still tell the subject is both saurian and draconic. I noticed your light source is a little vague though, but it seems like that is what you were going for all along anyway. I get the feeling the subject is coming through fog or mist, which gives it a subdued but mysterious feel; it makes the character stand out more, especially since the natural browns contrast nicely with the greys.

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      Thanks for the reply and yeah.. IT was more of a conceptual sketch speed thing.. I don't know it actually started as a light handed scribble sketch that I decided just to paint on top of. I wanted a tasteful clean piece. It shows crisp detail but also lets the viewer see how unfocused and blurry the art begins and how crisp it can get when finished. The finished focal point was the side of the head itself. I'm tickled to receive your comment. My lightning I just used the traditional off-blue of atmosphere and a more white light from the viewer position just so details could be seen clearly, I thiiink it worked alright. I really would like to do more like this and it's something I can't really replicate when my buddy gives me sketches to do, it's like it's limited to only my own sketches that end up this way and I have yet to figure it out.