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A little about myself here... I been drawing since I could hold a pen. I never liked using pencils, it was ink from the beginning. I learned fast how to work mistakes into the finished piece for extra character at an early age. A quirk I have is, although anatomy may not be perfect in my art, I insist it remains as it as a reminder to always improve and I feel it gives it a very human character not being too 'perfect'.

We are human and have faults as much as we'd love to be something entirely different... Would be great to be a bird to fly, or a sea creature or bury deep down into the earth to explore it's hidden mysteries.

I'm a dreamer, I view the world differently then most. I'm NOT the most tactful as I don't candy coat or beat around the bush. I can be extremely blunt and people tend not to like it much.

I do not care for 'many friends' as I am a firm believer of Quality over Quantity.

I do not hold grudges or hate people who have wronged me, hurt me or used me. Instead I feel sad for them that they felt they had to do such rotten things to someone else to try and find happiness of some kind. All I can say is.. glad I could help? LOL

I'm a gamer, I play World of Warcraft. I have too many max level characters. I love to roleplay and world build.
I detest heavy restrictions in a lot of things, I find it suffocating.

Many people could truly benefit from stopping to smell the roses, tackling the first obstacle that comes to mind rather then observing the heap as a mountain that is impossible to climb.

I love movies, action, fantasy, sci-fi, even ones done off true stories from the real world. Ancient civilizations and world religions. Dinosaurs and the stars.

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Gettin'r Doneee

Slowly but surely.. I been lazy with the image of my character, Mythreka. Been distracted.. I turn on the tv and have movies on a lot of the time and dammit! There's been some REALLY good ones and I end up wasting most of my time staring at the tv like a zombie.

Got a bunch more done though, still a lot more to go until it's complete. For now.. bed.. I'm soo tired having woke up last night at 3am.

I think I might actually have my sleep schedule fixed!

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