McGrath and Felony Afterparty by felonykat

McGrath and Felony Afterparty


8 February 2014 at 20:25:03 MST

Completed commission for MoDaD. This time it is of his RPG character McGrath with my character Felony, both of which we played in the Megakat Bureau of Investigation RPG based off the SWAT Kats universe. McGrath was a mysterious guy who worked every group from MBI agents to Enforcers to the NSA and various criminal organizations in a difficult balancing game to keep Megakat City and the world safe. Felony was a criminal, the heir to Dark Kat's empire who actually gained control of it when it was thought Dark Kat had died. She hated being in charge of something that huge with an enemy list longer than her rap sheet at Enforcer HQ. McGrath actually got Felony to help out do some good before all was said and done and when the RPG came to an end, the pair flew off into the sunset as McGrath felt he could finally leave and Felony was done with the criminal empire biz.

MoDaD and I were discussing what happened with McGrath and Felony, and both came to the conclusion that they stayed together and solved crimes or hunted down bounties. And by together I do not mean of the romantic sense either. LOL McGrath doesn't have a romantic bone in his body and Felony ain't up for that sorta mess. -g- Here for this particular image, the two are entering some eating establishment out of the country looking for trouble... or maybe about to start some, who knows. McGrath is the brains and Felony is the heavy, both working well together most of the time.

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    XDDD I love it. As soon as I saw this I thought...
    [McGrath] ::pokes his head back in the bar, moments after he and Felony had left:: Excuse me, the owner of the red corvet blocking in my car... Your corvet is no more.

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      LOL! McGrath would be up for that i it was to purposefully tick someone off for whatever reason. XD