MBI Last Supper by felonykat

MBI Last Supper


1 February 2014 at 13:54:57 MST

A commission for MoDad, one of the players in the longest running SWAT Kats RPG I was in. It ran for 11 years before disbanding and I was there for most of that time. The MBI stands for Megakat Bureau of Investigation and was originally inspired by the fan fiction of SageSK in the SWAT Kats fandom. The MBI was to take on the cases the Enforcers couldn't or didn't want to handle.

As a parody of the Last Supper painting by Leonardo Di Vinci are the agents of the MBI. MoDaD wanted to have all agents at the table. There were more than 13 agents so I included at least 1 agent for the players who were currently active in the RPG to its end.

From left to right:
Tessie Reed - created by Countrykat
Tansy Burmilla - created by me
Thad Willy Hertz - created by Kutlass
Ana Lytical aka Protocol - created by me (she's sitting where Judas is and is the only one who technically was not an agent as she was the secretary who was also a villain)
"Shade" Ringo - created by Kutlass
Elizabeth Selkirk aka Stormcrow created by Lady Stormcrow
Director Mark Sulfur - created by Sage SK
Hans Lynx - created by me
Jason McGrath - created by MoDaD
Tasha Forge-Lynx - created by Countrykat
Trina Korat-Forge - created by SageSK
Captain Joseph Forge - created by Countrykat
Captain Jason Korat - created by SageSK

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    You did a real good job on this girl.