Ogden Jewlery Set by felonykat

Ogden Jewlery Set


1 February 2014 at 13:34:44 MST

Necklace and earrings commission for a gal at my husband's work of her guide dog Ogden. To do this, I had her lend me some pics of her doggie to which I used for reference. Sketched it out, inked and scanned to then digitally color in photoshop (as I didn’t have the right colors with my copics, otherwise I would have used those to color). Since the image was going to be resized, I didn’t get too heavily detailed. Resized the image and printed on cardstock. Using my 1 inch circular hole punch, I cut out the images and glued them to the bottlecaps. Put on the clear circular apoxy to seal it up. Added the ring and slid on necklace. The earrings required two rings to face out properly. Put on the posts for the earrings so they won’t slide off the ear when worn and voila!

This was a challenge for me as it required me to draw something realistically. But it was a needed challenge, tho it took me entirely too long to get confident enough to finish.

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