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[Patreon[ Tail Lineart by FelisRandomis

[Patreon[ Tail Lineart


So excited!


~Please don't remove the signature, das rude.

~Give Credit where it's due! If you use this lineart, link back to me!

~You are not allowed to sell the lines, sell adopts, or anything of that
sort with these lines, unless given express permission from myself.

~Edits can be made as needed, but don't go changing the whole lineart and claim it's yours.

~Don't post the base lineart anywhere else. That's my job!

You can access the lines here:

It's a .PSD file, so it should work with most art programs. [sai, photoshop, gimp, firealpaca]

Tails include:

Feline 1, Feline 2, Canine 1, Canine 2, Lapine, Cervine, Vulpine, Rodent, Squirrel/Skunk, Sergal, Lion, Avian, Reptillian, Snow Leopard, Shark, Nub, Beaver, Otter, Cetacean, Equine, Pig, Avali 1, Avali 2, Bee, Scorpion, Fish, Goo, Shrimp, Plush, Bear, Tentacle, Tailmaw, Rattlesnake, Husky, Crux, Anteater, Possum, Monkey, Wasp, Raccoon, Bovid, Bone, Gator/Croc

If you use it, lemme see it! I love seeing what people do! :D

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