"Great job girls!" by FelineGamer

"Great job girls!"


1 August 2013 at 17:19:52 MDT

"Now head back here, we did enough trouble for today!

And you know? That was sure.........a blast! Hah! Get it?

Ok i'll stop with the bomb puns.."

So, Persept isn't the boss of Team Acme or anything like that, but he helps them with everything that hacking is necessary, and also supports them from affar, giving directions, positions, and all that

..Oh yeah, y'all know Acme is a bunch of thieves right? Gotta make the living somehow, right?

Hope y'all enjoy the pic, i wanted to try some background work n' stuff

Persept and Akee- Me

Loud - :iconmuzoka:

Mandih - ~A-Poison