Always Room For More (Slime Catgirl TFTG) by Fedreda

Always Room for More

By Feder

Nick knew this was going to be a long night when he woke up feeling something moist and heavy on top of him. He let out a groan as he opened his weary eyes, in his blurry sleep-deprived sight was a rather curvy figure sitting on top of him.

"The fu..." he muttered. He blinked for a bit, waiting until his eyes adjusted. The intruder was a curious figure. Her body was entirely made up of a transparent orange stuff. She had a pair of cat ears and a tail, looking very much like a catgirl from those shows he swore up and down to his friends that he never watched.

"Hello..." the catgirl said with a playful sing-song tone of voice. "Want some jelly?"

Nick found himself trying not to stare at her big, shiny, jiggling breasts with not much success.

"Who are you?" he said. "How did you get in here?"

The catgirl purred. "I got in under the door. I'm Citrus." She jiggled her bust playfully and Nick looked down, blushing.

"What are you going to do to me?"

Citrus giggled, sending another ripple through her voluptuous mass. "You look hungry."

"I'm not... "Nick sputtered. "I'm on a diet." Citrus flicked her long tail side to side and purred. He could just make out the dark orange stripes running over her tail and body like a tabby cat. This was a trap, it had to be. Either Citrus was planning something or this was a lucid dream. It had to be a dream. He would wake up any second now.

"Want a midnight snack?" the catgirl said, flicking the tip of her tail against Nick's chin. She felt soft and smooth, like gelatin given life. She pawed at Nick's pajamas; Nick couldn't help but take in the catgirl's smell. It was fresh, sweet and kind of floral, like orange juice. But there was warmth to it, like a candy shop.

"I...I'm not interested; I'm trying to cut back on sweets." Nick stuttered. "And you're trespassing and..."

Nick was interrupted by Citrus thrusting the tip of her tail into his mouth. The taste was overwhelming. Sweet and tangy, like freshly picked oranges, with a warm richness that reminded Nick of a summer afternoon. He was almost disappointed when the catgirl popped the tail out of his mouth, the tip slick with his drool. "Tastes good doesn't it?"

Nick said nothing; he just stared up at the zaftig slime girl. Citrus giggled in a way that made Nick shiver and she pushed her breasts together between her arms, her deep orange nipples lactating thin trickles of sweet-smelling liquid orange.

"W-what are you feeding me?" Nick said with a whimper.

"Orange jelly!" The catgirl said. "It's delicious and filling" She caressed his chin, her grip was soft but Nick could definitely feel a lot of strength in the girl's hand. "Very filling..." The way she spoke, the way she put naughty emphasis on the word 'filling made Nick's pajama pants feel tight in front. She crawled up and positioned herself so her ample, perky breasts were right over his face. The smell of fresh oranges filled Nick's senses; it reached down into his throat and hung there. He couldn't look away from her; every movement she made sent ripples through her form, her breasts leaking sweet, sweet sugary milk.

"Please don't do this," Nick whispered. "I... I'm trying to cut down on sugar and I need to lose weight and..." he was shushed by Citrus putting a finger to his lips. Her touch was so smooth and soft.

"Just drink up, kitten."

Nick opened his mouth to say something but the cat girl thrust forward, planting her teat right inside his mouth. His reaction was involuntary, the first drop of her sweet orange milk sent a wave of pleasure through his system, and he started to suck on her nipple. The taste was unlike any orange-flavored drink he had ever enjoyed, it was so sweet yet it wasn't cloying. It had a captivating tanginess but it wasn't too sour or strong, and it was smooth and creamy like fresh milk. Citrus let out a pleased mewl as he lay there drinking like a kitten from her. He felt sticky inside, and had he looked, Nick would have seen a wet sheen crawling over his hands.

"Good..." She purred. "Fill yourself up."

He hadn't noticed before how nurturing her voice was. His belly pushed out a bit, but he didn't yet feel full. His skin took on a purple tint, barely noticeable in the dark. He looked up at her with soft eyes. It felt wrong, it was wrong; but it tasted so good and he felt safe with her. Her eyes held a maternal glow as he moaned and suckled at her breasts; not even realizing that his hips were swelling up as his body filled with jelly. He kneaded them with his hands as he drank, to get more of her nectar out; it was addictive in a way he had never known before. The more he drank, the more it filled him, the more he needed it. Within only a few minutes his skin had become a rich violet color. Underneath his indulgent haze Nick realized he could no longer feel his pajama pants. He blushed red under his purple skin, squirming under his covers and whining like a newborn. He pulled off of her to let out a soft, quiet belch. He could feel a gelatinous tail under him, and it wasn't Citrus' tail.

With a yelp, he snatched back the covers and looked down. Every part of him from the waist down was translucent purple. He moved his hips side to side and the purple rippled. Like Citrus's body. Exactly like her, he was even taking on her plump, voluptuous figure.

"I'm dreaming" he cried, his chest quivering. "I...I am having a nightmare and I am going to wake up and you will be gone." Citrus just laughed.

"Alright then..." She said. Then she drew her hand back and slapped him.

His cheek buzzed, he looked back up at her. His mind reeled from her sheer speed. All he saw was a blur of orange, then the sound and the pain.

"Awake?" she giggled.

"Why are you doing this?" Nick said, rubbing his cheek. His hand felt moist.

A timid meow escaped Nick's lips. She playfully rubbed his pudgy tummy and he watched it ripple under his shirt. Nick's mind was a haze because of the sugar rush, the world in front of him felt slow and fuzzy. The catgirl licked his cheek and Nick mewled like a kitten. "You're halfway done, cutie." Citrus said as she coaxed her other breast into his mouth.

Nick gritted his teeth and turned his head away. He grabbed the girl and tried to push her off, but his hands just sank into her belly with a wet plop. He pulled with his arms and her belly stretched and rippled, but he was stuck firm inside her. Just like a fly in a sticky trap.

"What are you doing to me?" He moaned. "Please don't..." He was silenced once again by her thrusting herself forward, making him take her right nipple in his mouth. As he slowly drank with a feeling of resigned helplessness, she reached down and pushed on his dwindling manhood. With artisanal precision, she sculpted his rippling purple flesh into a delicate feminine cleft as Nick let out a nervous squeak.

"The world needs to be sweeter, more fun." She said as she nursed the changing man. "And you were right there, all convenient." Her body released Nick's hands. They were soaked and sticky with her jelly, but they were still his hands; at least.

"W-what'd y-you do?" Nick said as a thin rivulet of purple trickled from his new slit.

"You're my girlfriend now." Nick let out a sound like a kicked dog when Citrus said that. His chest felt tingly and sensitive, his shirt felt tight and got tighter with every passing instant. He grabbed at his dissolving pajama top and pulled it open. The buttons popped off as the striped gray shirt came apart in his hands and a pair of purple, shiny breasts fell free.

"But I'm a guy!" Nick whined.

Citrus rolled her eyes and rubbed his slit with the tip of her tail. "Not anymore." Citrus purred as she slid her tail up inside Nick's gooey snatch. Nick shuddered as her... no his jellified body was penetrated. Citrus let out a playful growl and her tail began to pump more jelly directly up into him. Her tail rippled and pulsed with every drop that flowed into him, his changes came on faster. His shoulders softened as the jelly flowed down his arms, what little muscle definition he had softened into smooth see-through purple. His fingertips pushed out into feline claws, just like Citrus had.

The orange catgirl pulled Nick into an embrace as his breasts filled out larger, fuller. Citrus leaned in and sucked on his dark violet teat. He blushed and bit his lip as she drank, he could feel the stuff spreading up his neck, and he could taste it in his throat. Grape flavor, he was becoming a grape flavored slime girl.

"Tastes just right." Citrus pulled away, a stream of purple running down her lip.

He was purring, why was he purring? He... she couldn't think straight, everything was a blur. It felt good to her... to him but something in the back of his mind told him it was wrong. She caress her...his chin, pulling him... her into a deep kiss. They tasted each other for a while as his head softened. His hearing buzzed and popped as his ears migrated up his head and sculpted themselves into a pair of pointed kitty ears, much like Citrus's own. Citrus... She did this to her... no she was a slime girl... no she was a boy...

Citrus pulled away from her. In front of her lay a purple cat girl identical to her in almost every way.

"Your name is Grape now."

The purple cat girl jiggled in impotent outrage.

"My name's not Grape!" she cried. "My name is... My name... "she tried to remember her name, digging down into her shadowed memories, she pulled and pulled for it but it dissipated in her grasp. It started with an N maybe?"

"Of course you're Grape!" Citrus said with a giggle. "Grape the jellycat!"

"I'm a girl!" She protested, only to stop herself when she realized what she said. "I'm not a ... But..."

Citrus put her hand over the girl's mouth.

"Just relax. If you fight it, you won't be happy."

"Just have fun."

Fun. The word rippled through Grape's mind. She felt a neediness inside her that quickly became an uncontrollable yearning. Citrus looked at him, smiling so innocently. Like she hadn't done anything to him... She let out a growl and pounced on the orange catgirl, both of them tumbling to the floor in a blur of color. They tumbled over each other, yowling and hissing until Grape came out on top of Citrus.

"What are you doing?" She growled.

"I'm on top now." Grape hissed. She grabbed Citrus by the neck none too gently, because she didn't think it was possible to strangle a slime girl and speared her violet-striped tail into her slit.

Citrus yowled in pleasure as she was penetrated by her victim, the sweetness rushing into her. Grape pushed into her rippling body, the moonlight glinting off of them as she held the orange slime's head to her chest. Citrus drank greedily from Grape's teat, her belly and hips pushed another inch, then two.

"How's it feel?" Grape sneered, and Citrus gave a happy moan as she was filled up. Grape couldn't help but laugh, her revenge was only causing further pleasure and she was stuck like this. She pulled off of Citrus, and the two stared into each other's eyes. Grape felt close to Citrus, even if it was just tonight, they've been through a lot.

"You were pretty good on top."

Grape smiled.


Then silence. Neither of them spoke, Grape leaned in and kissed her. Citrus returned the kiss. It felt odd, but it was a good odd. Their bodies felt like one as their lips met. Citrus pushed deeper, her tongue meeting with Grape's as they tasted each other, savored each other like fine dessert. Grape felt something 'click' in her mind, the two were imprinting on each other. They were partners, companions... She let go, she accepted her new identity as she embraced the orange catgirl. There was no turning back, no way to reverse it... Might as well enjoy what she could. They fell back onto the floor, their bodies mixing with each other's in a puddle. It was a pleasant, relaxing feeling; Grape found. To relax yourself and flow into another's body, to get closer than possible with a fully solid body. They embraced as they mixed themselves. Purple and orange swirling together under the soft moonlight; Grape and Citrus felt themselves grow closer, mind and body. It was them against the boring, bland sugar-free world.

Nina returned home from her workout sweaty and angry. Two weeks into her gym membership and she had only lost two pounds. How was that possible? She yanked open the fridge to get a bottle of water only for something inside to tackle her to the linoleum floor. She looked up, her head aching from the fall. Two catgirls on top of her, one orange and one purple; both made of what looked like gelatin.

"Hi!" the purple one said with a happy meow. "Want a snack to cool off?"

Always Room For More (Slime Catgirl TFTG)


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A young man is given a rude awakening in the middle of the night by a very sweet catgirl.

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