Just a Brit that seems to have a habit of drawing an awful lot of odd critters and birds while wrestling health issues and Aphantasia to do this. Battle on I say.

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Apologies for the quiet on the art front!

on 19 December 2019 at 05:49:18 MST

Things have taken a bit of a dive since the 11/11 art was completed and while I am working on things, December syndrome has sunk it's claws pretty deep this year leaving me with more pain and exhaustion days on top of being slowed down by the cold than usual. On days I haven't been able to art, I've been writing instead to at least be a little productive but that is neither here nor there.

Things will come! Though I would like to build a stash for weekly uploads again, it just depends entirely on what I can manage. I'd rather do things better than let the guilt demand I settle for sub par just to look like I'm doing something. If you ever want to be more up to date however, my Twitter ( gets wip snapshots and sketches I'm poking at!

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    Thank you very much for the follow!

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    Thank you for following! :) I have a feeling we've chatted on Nabyn but aaah so many people moving here from different sites, I'm getting confused!

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      You actually did me some Notalope and Mahu icon art a bit back that you'd advertised on Teenycom if I remember right :D -

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        Ahhh, right! Lovely characters, critters like that are always fun to draw. :) I knew you seemed familiar but totally couldn't place you.

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          I'm super happy they are memorable at all myself :) But yes, mostly just following since you mentioned setting up on here on your FA journal.

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    Thank-you so much for the follow! =D

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    Glad to see you on Weasyl :D