Ask a Fursuiter 4 (Best Moment) by FayV

Ask a Fursuiter 4 (Best Moment)


10 October 2012 at 18:34:53 MDT

I’ve gotten a ton of questions about my first time suiting, why I like suiting, my best moment suiting. It all comes back to the same story for me, which is a bit lengthy, so I wrote it out here instead of in comic form.

After I made my first suit, I got a small volunteer gig with a local preschool program Headstart, which offers their services to families in need. It was my third time ever suiting and my first time around a lot of people. I was there to help the kids learn about animals and the forest and most of the kids adored having me there. They wanted to hug, to play, to hand me their toys and show off.

There was one little girl that didn’t want to play. She cowered and stayed with the teachers, and so I gave her space, gently waving from afar as I played with the others. After a few hours I was too hot to keep suiting and had to leave. As I was leaving the little girl came over carefully and gave me a big hug.

I changed out of suit and hid my stuff away from the kids before going to the office to fill out the volunteer paperwork and tax stuff, after a moment the teacher came in. Her eyes were a bit watery, she’d been holding back tears and now that she was in the office she started crying quietly.

It turns out that little girl had a very difficult past, she’s extremely shy and doesn’t interact with new people. Having her warm up enough to give me a hug was a huge break through for her.

That is my best moment in fursuiting. I have been invited back to the preschool regularly and that is where I do most of my suiting. It’s fantastic to go out and have fun at cons, it’s great to go out into public and see people smile, but my best moments are working with these kids, the absolute joy on their faces. It’s worth every investment I have made into my suiting and every moment I take the time to volunteer.

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