GDW Weed keychain by Fayts_Creations

GDW Weed keychain


31 May 2015 at 07:06:16 MDT

I finally finished him, I would have has this keychain done sooner but I was thinking of the best way if doing the eyes on them. Sadly since they are so small I can't do any embroidery eyes on them so I've been looking in to a few ways I can do them. On this one as a test I made some eyes out of felt and painted them before hot glueing them down. I also have one for testing out glass eyes on which will be done when I can. My helper (my bf) was against my original idea of doing the eye the same as the charms I used to make which was just a around bit of paint with a little white for the eye shine in it he said he didn't think it would work on them since they are bigger. Name suggestions for the style is welcome as well as I have no name for it and I would like one

Right now he's not for sale as I'm still working out a good pricing for them, I've been thinking around £16 which would be around $25 USD before shipping.

I based the pattern on the old clay charm I used to make before I started plush making, I got the idea as I found one last year and started planning it out half way in to last year. I've only now finished testing it as I didn't have the time before. I'm really happy how this has turned out as well, after so many sketches of how I wanted it to look I'm happy to say I got it how I wanted.

Okay now for the details.

Weed is made out of Minky fabric with a lobster claw fixed on with a nylon cord. Hand crafted eyes out of felt and hand painted before hot glueing on. He also has a faux leather nose. He's 4 inches long not including his tail.

I can also make this pattern lager for plushies in the same style, expect a larger example soon.

This is another example of one way I was thinking about doing the eyes, let me know what you think is better like the ones on it now or cute little dot eyes like the example on my DA

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    Very adorable!!! :)