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GNG/ GDW Akame


10 January 2014 at 12:15:45 MST

Commission for a friend who is a huge collector of Ginga Nagareboshi Gin / Ginga Densetsu weed. She asked if it was possible if I could make an Akame plush in the style of the official ones but with my own take on the style thrown in, so he's around 70% based on the official ones. I was also asked to make the eyes just like the official plush which has blue eyes and give him a nice curled tail which the official one doesn't have. I don't own any of the offical plushies so I worked off photos given to me. It was fun trying to make a plush in the style of the offical ones as it's not something I do much of.

He's made from fleece as requested with machine embroidery eyes, safety nose and some thread sculpting. He's just over 10 inched tall and long.

Yes I will make more plusheis in this style on commission. I'm very happy with the outcome as I was a little worried about his head but after I got it made I'm very happy with him.

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