Red XIII Final Fantasy VII comm by Fayts_Creations

Red XIII Final Fantasy VII comm


25 July 2018 at 11:39:54 MDT

Plush commission for Red XIII from Final Fantasy VII. I'm happy I got to make one of my fav characters again, I made him a few years. I used the old pattern as a base but give it a huge update and ended up with two vers of the new pattern. The second pattern will be shown soon as I have made an extra one from it so I can show the second body I made off. The second one will be for sale, if your interested please message me. The hair that hangs down the side of his next isn't sewn down but held down with polly pellets. His tail is fully pose-able with a plastic armature inside.

Red XIII is made using Shannon minky, I'm not sure what the shiny gold fabric is called as I've had it a few years now. His tail is made with needle felting. He has machine embroidery eyes and details. He's 12 inches from nose to bum and 24 inches if you have his tail out fully.

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    That is really done well! He's a pretty complex character to get into plush form! :)

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      Thank you very much, yeah it is it was hard getting all his details down as well. I have a beanie to of him coming soon as well.

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        You’re most welcome! :D

        I’m glad you found a way to make it so lovely! Can’t wait to see the tiny one, too! :)