SOLD Wolf Link Twilight Princess by Fayts_Creations

SOLD Wolf Link Twilight Princess


31 August 2016 at 02:15:15 MDT

Wolf Link has now sold thank you.

I made Wolf Link as I wanted a new up-to-date example of Wolf Link since I've gotten loads of people asking me for him and I made him to try get the last bt of money I need for paying off my new laptop faster.

I very happy with the out come of Wolf Link I just love everything about this plush. I even tried something a bit differen which was giving him smaller paws on the pattern as I wanted to see how it would look on him, I think it came out great and it also made his legs look a tiny bit longer as well. I also wanted to make him more happy looking since all my others and most I see by other artist are of him angry all the time XD I'm glad I did make him more happy looking as I love the way his face came out. I used minky for his ear rings this time as you couldn't really see the metal rings I had used before so I picked minky for them.

Wolf Link is 11 inches long not including his tail and he's made from shannon minky with faux leather shackle and nose. His eyes and hear making are done with my embroidery machine and his mouth, face and toes are thread sculpted.

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    I really love how fantastically you've done his fur patterns! :)